marlon and lenna, 19 september 2009, the manila peninsula

lenna, marlon et moi

true love —- sacrifice. going the extra mile — even thousands of  miles that is. leaving your job to be with the one you love. enduring the looooong distance. relying on skype.  being of service to your soon-to-be-mother-in-law ng sariling kusa. keeping the faith. being there when it counts the most. having the “gratitude attitude”.

at the Department, they usually say that it’s more challenging for lady Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) to have a partner in life in this kind of career.

uhmmm, some thoughts about a career in the Foreign Service …

may be ala-showbiz for the endless receptions and cocktails and for being a “display profession”  at that (i.e. must really be good  inside-out,  presentable — looks, speech, demeanor — worthy of representing the Filipino people and the Philippines at all times and cost!).

can also be  mala-007 for intel gathering in these endless social functions, meetings and international conferences.

maybe no one would contest that it  can also be described as ala-missionaries of charity, as people in the Foreign Service serve to promote the Philippine national interest and care for the Filipinos around the world through the various Philippine foreign posts.

so in this kind of job, or more of vocation as some would call it,                   it REALLY such a blessing to have someone with you out there in the mission fields, to have someone who will be kaagapay sa paglalakbay – in this very arduous yet a very fulfilling journey of  a life in the foreign service.

all the best to marlon and lenna — have a great journey ahead (“,)

==== (“,) ====

For  the photo: thank God for ex-FSO cadet Edna Barleta for being there and taking these shots! she looks gorgeous as ever, after leaving the DFA (is that the reason why she blooms!? kidding!) to take care of their family business. it’s always good to see familiar faces in receptions — they provide the “kind eye” which i usually need to feel comfortable with the crowd. (emcees need kind eyes too — yes we do! makes things easier and more enjoyable!).  it was a delight to see Amba JoDel too, though at first he wasn’t able to recognize me. “Sir, Dulce, FSI po!” that did it!

special thanks to sir raymond, sounds technician of The Manila Pen for the assistance. very kind and efficient.

Events by M & G coordinated the wedding. thanks to Junlyn and her team. more power 🙂

bait talaga ng mga technicians ng Pose N’ Print 🙂