fides and rj, 08 march 08, fernwood garden 1

after a meeting with the wedding coordinator, anna and her gang.



a very lovely and very kind couple.

a long one on this soon.

but i have to say, i was really touched by rj’s speech. marami ang napaluha…may talent pala itong si rj…and the award for the best groom in a tear-jerker category goes to…janjajararan!!! joke lang (“,)


thanks maris for the assistance in the quiz show!


mc and barri, 30 march 08, chateau royale, batulao,nasugbu,batangas

ME, Barri and MC. =)

MG is the wedding coordinator.

after one short meeting with the couple, together with the bride’s mom and MG before the bayview wedding, that was it!

i’m just a bit sad i wasn’t really able to listen to their story long enough…

time is so precious these days.

i love the strength of mc’s mom and the humor of barri’s dad.

thanks mg. nice working with you and your team. love the work of the event stylist.


Anette and Anton, 27 January 08, Josephine’s Tagaytay

I first met Anette and Anton after hosting Jacq and Alvin’s wedding at the Philam Life Hall in Las Piñas on 08 December 07. After some emails, text messages and that first meeting, they booked me on the spot.

Yesterday was the big day. It was a perfect rainy day! The rain was not the drenching type – just a cool shower – maybe symbolizing the blessings that heaven will continue to pour down on this couple. Anette and Anton have very loving families and friends, more loving nanays at that (I’ll tell you why in a while) and are too grateful for these wonderful people to be dismayed by the rains.

Gestures of True Friendship

Ninang Marta, a former project manager of Anette, came all the way from Slovakia and traveled for 2 days just to witness this union. Ninong Arun, Anton’s manager and mentor is a Sri Lankan who is based in Singapore who together with his family crossed the seas to be present. Anette and Anton are blessed to have worked with these mentors and developed a kind of relationship that goes beyond the walls of the office. I was touched that these people took the time and really exerted effort to be there – present for their friends. In these days, time is valued as such a precious commodity. To give time is to love.

Words of Love

The nanays gave beautiful and almost similar messages…

Nanay ni Anette kay Anton: Anton, mahalin mo ang anak ko…mahal na mahal namin ‘yang si Anette…

Nanay ni Anton kay Anette: Anette, mahalin mo ang anak ko…. mahal na mahal ka niya…

Mothers and their habilins… really sounded funny after the second nanay somewhat echoed the first nanay’s bilin. I’m pretty sure Anette and Anton will be able to remember these words and practice them.  But in case they forget, they just have to look back to  their wedding day and remember what their nanays told them!

What I’m actually most happy about were the words that Anette’s Tatay shared. It went something like…

“Anette at Anton, maging sukatan nawa ng inyong pagmamahalan at kaligayan ay hindi lamang sa kung kayo’y maligaya, kung hindi kung maligaya din ang iyong asawa at mga anak nang dahil sa inyo…”

Kay gandang sukatan.


the long wait is over…..egoy and jean as one!

in my college days, it was always a happy site to see egoy sit in one of the benches of UST College of Education, enjoying a good laugh with his UST friends while waiting for ate jean to arrive. i thought : this guy’s really in love with you pareng jean! love translated into perseverance and patient waiting really moves mountains…

and that’s what happened when finally on april 14th of this year…after years and years of patient waiting, they were finally bound as one…and with no less than the blessing of ate jean’s daddy! egoy was so cool and with his humorous spirit, the night really was fun and light. i saw ate jean’s happiness, especially when her daddy gave his blessing.

i was fortunate enough N O T to stand as host for the event but to be there as their friend. our parish was also fortunate to have Fray Gerard Co as a bakasyonista…er…a brother who is having his summer outreach or apostolate with us in Biñan… i was inspired indeed with egoy and jean’s love for one another…a love that really went through the test of time and tribulation that i was able to write a song for them as a wedding gift. thanks goes to Fray Gerard too for making “the gift” extra special…


Love Will Conquer All

I’ve seen us travel down that road before, All those years we’ve been together

We both have been through curves and bends but still, There’s no letting go I feel

No distance could break our bond

No fear can set us apart

And our love has brought us where we are, And the road ahead still is long

With your hand in mine the fear’s all gone, ‘Cause our love will conquer all

Against so many odds we fought our way, And stronger we’d become

His Spirit guided us and led us, Into each other’s arms

No distance can break our bond

‘Cause our faith and hope is strong

And His love has brought us where we are, Together in His embrace

With our God always in our hearts, Our love will conquer all

No fear, no doubt could take away our faith in each other’s love

I know that we will prevail

His grace will be enough for our love to endure the years

And our love will see us through the pain, That this life could ever give

In His love our joy will be complete, For our love will conquer all

Yes, our love will conquer all

huli man ay magaling pa rin!

dionne and joven, 10 june 2006. one great wedding…heart warming…touching…. with loving friends and family around…a truly memorable one.

now…. they are having their first baby!!! congratulations!!!

still, it’s good to look back to those times…


too serious?


that’s more like it!!!

check this out :


BJ and her boyfriend won the cool J & D Quiz Show which the couple formulated– trivias and other important details they think their friends ought to know about them… fun and mind- teasing game!