dionne’s bday 07

last day of 2008.

sarap umupo lang sa harap ng pc.

search…kung anu-ano….

kakatuwa din magunita

ang mga nakaraan

sa mga nakita kung saan-saan

tulad nito…

aaayyy!!! kay sayang balik-balikan… =)

ako nga pala yung nasa gitna.


als and edith 10 oct 2007. bulacan (and baby sam)

it’s amost 2009.

a bit sad though  because sam can’t go home yet.

als and edith are asking for prayers for their baby sam.

sam has New Born Jaundice due to having a different blood type from edith.

hope sam gets well soon.

my prayers. =)

browsing youtube when i came across als and edith’s video.

hosted their wedding on 20 october 2007 at bulacan.

aleli & jeff. 22 dec 08.sonya’s

first time with mr. jp at sonya’s.

finally met mr. jp montilla, el presidente de PAWP and the prime mover of  complete work inc . his very able and efficient colleague, mr. jairus, did a good run down of the the event sequence and reminded us suppliers our tasks and roles. their professionalism reflected way beyond the formal barong tagalog they were wearing — it was very much evident in the way they dealt with us suppliers and how they managed the program from start to finish.

it was my first time to host an event at sonya’s. travel to the not-so-secret homey and refreshing garden was not as troublesome at all even for commuters.   we  weren’t able to get a nasugbu or calatagan bus at rob dasma so we just rode one which had “tagaytay” on it.  we went down at mendez market and enjoyed merienda first – a P25.00 goto and P 10.00 cassava cake plus the right amount of info  needed to get to sonya’s!  the tindera said we just had to say “back estate” to the driver (P12.00/pax from mendez market) and we would be dropped off to the corner where the tric would line up for a P24.00-peso ride to sonya’s. so we rode and finally arrived at “BUCK estate”. =) super thanks to sonya’s for the white and large enough signage which read “Aleli and Jeff” just below the signage of the garden which was in brown (i think! …makes it quite difficult to notice).

i went around and tried to converse with the parents and principal sponsors to make sure i know where to turn my head to when  i read their names during the program proper.  it was EXTRA nice to meet mr. and mrs. oscar and malou extra who came all the way from lipa, batangas. their daughter sheryll is avery good friend of aleli since high school.

the reception program was as short and sweet as it was what the couple wanted.  it was a monday, a few days before CHRISTmas, and quite a number of miles for some who took time to be with aleli and jeff  from as far as bulacan.

the folguys (cute!) – as in the guys of mr. fol rana jr. had a surprise  moving pictures gift for the couple. how sweet!

after the event, i enjoyed  sonya’s turon as dessert! yumyum!

the cool sounds that night was mixed by J.S.Mina sounds. mr. joneal did a fine job especially the mixes he did for the games part! (email: joneal_mina81@yahoo.com/ 0906-3636-255/ 0920-460-3003/046-8900337)

bloopers!!!  whose favorite sister was the maid of honor? aleli and jeff were kind enough to forgive me for it.  =) i know, no excuses.  wrong assumption was in operation. i was so engrosed getting to know jeff’s family and taking note that he had only one sister, it striked me and assumed that the MOH was this only sister. it was after the hoola that i got reminded that the MOH was from aleli’s side – one of her TWO sisters. i was with all gusto when i introduced her as aleli’s FAVORITE sister! waaaaahhhh!!! having realized the commotion i created, i sincerely apologized to the three sisters and we all had a good laugh about it.  it’s done. it’s in the video.  lessons? read. memorize. internalize. if it doesn’t work still, pray that the couple and their families would be as kind and understanding as aleli and jeff and the de jesus-silva gang. =)

aleli and jeff were happy with their reception program, especially with their family and friends staying on ’til they said their thanks as we closed at around 8.00pm.

cool place. cool team. cool couple. cool event.



sweet jeff gave me a piece of their heavenly cake!!! love the chocolate part. have to get who made it.  thanks aleli and jeff for the chance to host your reception prog!

MC and Barri 03.30.2008

Church: Chapel on the hill
Reception: Chateau royale
Coordinator: Team Entourage

superb set-up too!

i only met mc and barri and it was the shortest meeting ever as i was about to host a wedding at bayview hotel. . . the wedding went great in the midst of a challenging hot summery mood…

watch this one by mayad studios:

rj and trina 05.10.2008

i was happy to hear trina’s voice on my mobile phone, so excited to ask me if ever i’ll need something more in case she wins the W@W auction… she said her wedding’s in Manila so i said i’ll have no problem with the transport… and i’m really glad she won the auction!

rj and trina had to move their wedding a bit early because of some fire display event near the mall where their reception venue – One Eslanade – is situated.

it was a treat to host this wedding for free – courtesy of W@W… they were so kind and participative in the games…

one of the many good things i enjoyed was the duet by Philippine soprano Ms. Rachelle Gerodias and one of Trina’s Uncle of the broadway song “all i ask of you” …bravo!!!

hail to w@w for being the way for us to all meet up.

onsite avp by smartshots: