Victor and Sharie. 03 May 2010. Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

Victor and Sharie placed their bet for my hosting services at the famous w@w auction — a yearly activity conducted in support of w@w’s Christmas celebration.  Guess what? Sharie won!!! And I am always more than happy to serve as host for the winners of the w@w auction.

The couple came all the way from the Japan where they worked for quite sometime already. They met there, had their beautiful pre-nup photos taken there and flew all they way from Japan to be blessed at Calaruega as husband and wife.

One interesting bit: indeed, it’s a small world after all!  Sharie and I both know Bryan Macabales. Sharie’s from Pisay and so is Brymac. Brymac was  Sharie’s CAT instructor. Brymac is my sinta. (ba’t may kilig factor?!)


Totally Mesmerized (Chamber Choir/ Acoustic Group)

Sharie has a sweet voice – a nice singing voice and it was proven by her special rendition of “At the Beginning” at the end of the program.  🙂 (at the beginning at the end!? un-huh 🙂 LOL) Totally Mesmerized accompanied Sharie beautifully.

Daniel Lei Studio

It was my first time to work with Daniel Lei and I had this impression that he and his wife and team were suplados. Hindi naman pala… I think they were just focused on their tasks. Here is the result of  their focus and dedication to the project  — Sharie & Victor —  Smack into Love.

Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

It was my first time to host an event at Summit Ridge Hotel.  Personnel were very courteous and helpful from the account manager to the waiters, maintenance people and security guards. An easy-to-find venue for those who want a hotel set-up for their Tagaytay wedding. Click here for more info about Summit Ridge Tagaytay.

Joel & Michelle. Marasigan-Abad. Jan 06 2010. The Midlands Veranda, Tagaytay Highlands

anu’ng masasabi ko? kay babait nitong mga taong ito. kay pogi ng anak! they’re so humble and so nice to work with. bait din ng ninong at ninang at ng kapatid nung nagpaturo ako ng konting German. matagal na sila sa Vienna, pero mas dama ko ang pagiging taga-probinsiya nila…magagalang, mapagkumbaba, may magagandang asal. kahit nasa malayong lupain sila sa Europa, nananatili silang Filipino sa tunay na diwa nito. saya ng araw na ito!!!

Wedding Onsite Video by Bob Nicolas
Church: Madre De Dios Chapel
Tagaytay Highlands
Nelwin Uy and Smartshot
Make Up:
Lani Isip
Badang Rueda

Pong & Mitch. Jan 04 2010. The Glass Garden

i started 2010 with a bang! this photo tells just a bit of of how fun fun fun and touching were the moments at Pong and Mitch’s wedding party at The Glass Garden in Pasig.

pong and mitch were yosimates way back in college and after more than a decade of being together, they finally said yes, made a solemn vow to be yosimates and husband and wife together, for as long as they both shall live.

smokin’ hot to me!!! 🙂

i really enjoyed hosting this event because of a very efficient and wonderful events management team — Touch of Magic Events TeaM. team lead is dionne.  she is one active member of the circles – then as a w@wie and now as a n@wie.  she even wrote this article:

Top 10 Signs that You are a W@W Addict
by Dionne Marga M. Morales, a W@Wie

10. You start reading an average of 50 emails a day… or at least try to.

9. You start referring to yourself as a W@Wie.

8. You take your wedding preparations seriously and try to devote 70% of your life to it.

7. You know like a back of your hand.

6. You start recommending the website and the W@W eGroup to your soon-to-be married friends.

5. You know what MIL, H2B, DIY, TMU, OTD means.
ed’s note: want to know their meanings too? highlight here —-> ed’s note: want to know their meanings too? highlight here —-> MIL (mother-in-law), H2B (husband-to-be), DIY (do-it-yourself), TMU (trial make-up), OTD (on-the-day; as in, on-the-day coordination)in-law), H2B (husband-to-be), DIY (do-it-yourself), TMU (trial make-up), OTD (on-the-day; as in, on-the-day coordination)

4. You unconsciously sign your e-mails to your non-W@Wie friends with your name, fiancé’s name, date of wedding, ceremony and reception venues.

3. Finishing your suppliers’ rating is a dream… other than the wedding, of course.

2. You are now maintaining a blog.

1. Benz is not just a car to you.

= = = = =

About the Author: Dionne est une W@Wie et elle est fiançée pour être marié Joven en Juin 2006. Toujours les découvertes ménagent dans tout. Les amours pour rire mais sentent même si riant mieux avec quelqu’un. Vraiment pourrait être sinistre si la situation l’appelle. Extrêmement inflammable.

= = = = =

other members of the TM Events are all professionals working at the Foreign Service Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs.  i really look forward in hosting more events with TM. hope a lot of people will consider TM as event managers of their special day. as TM’s FB account says:

We are a TeaM! We are event coordinators (Dionne, Dulce, Dhang, Irish, Mau and Ricky) who are enthusiastic, reliable and highly organized… ready to make your dreams come true! 🙂

i can almost hear America’s  song in my head…” You can do magic!!! You can do anything that you desire!! Magic…”  “:-)

TM Events can really  do anything that you desire (given ample time to plan and the right budget!? ahihihi)  Please feel free to contact us!

here’s what mitch says about TM Events:
“from Michelle D. Cenina: I was one lucky bride to have Dulce and Dione’s team to organize my wedding and the dinner party! My guests and relatives were all very happy of the outcome, they kept on saying how well Dulce handled the program/activities, me and my hubby naman can attest that Dulce’s Coord team is the best! You can feel they enjoy what they do, tapos na ang evening party eh to the highest level pa din energy nila, that is because they do it from their hearts, and lastly stress free and wedding ko because of them! Getting them is one of the best decisions I’ve made! Thanks guys! (January 7 at 7:14pm )”