Victor and Sharie. 03 May 2010. Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

Victor and Sharie placed their bet for my hosting services at the famous w@w auction — a yearly activity conducted in support of w@w’s Christmas celebration.  Guess what? Sharie won!!! And I am always more than happy to serve as host for the winners of the w@w auction.

The couple came all the way from the Japan where they worked for quite sometime already. They met there, had their beautiful pre-nup photos taken there and flew all they way from Japan to be blessed at Calaruega as husband and wife.

One interesting bit: indeed, it’s a small world after all!  Sharie and I both know Bryan Macabales. Sharie’s from Pisay and so is Brymac. Brymac was  Sharie’s CAT instructor. Brymac is my sinta. (ba’t may kilig factor?!)


Totally Mesmerized (Chamber Choir/ Acoustic Group)

Sharie has a sweet voice – a nice singing voice and it was proven by her special rendition of “At the Beginning” at the end of the program.  🙂 (at the beginning at the end!? un-huh 🙂 LOL) Totally Mesmerized accompanied Sharie beautifully.

Daniel Lei Studio

It was my first time to work with Daniel Lei and I had this impression that he and his wife and team were suplados. Hindi naman pala… I think they were just focused on their tasks. Here is the result of  their focus and dedication to the project  — Sharie & Victor —  Smack into Love.

Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

It was my first time to host an event at Summit Ridge Hotel.  Personnel were very courteous and helpful from the account manager to the waiters, maintenance people and security guards. An easy-to-find venue for those who want a hotel set-up for their Tagaytay wedding. Click here for more info about Summit Ridge Tagaytay.

2 thoughts on “Victor and Sharie. 03 May 2010. Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

  1. Dulz! A year has gone by, I can still remember that amazingly you were able to make Victor dance without him hating you after. hihi. We’re blessed to have won you!

    Your lines were smart and funny. You were in tune with the reactions of our guests, quick at getting cues when we had to skip something or cut things short. Plus in all our dates, you were always prompt and very professional. No problemo with Dulz! 😉

    Again, many thanks for taking part in our wedding! You are one of our fave suppliers! Keep in touch!

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