posing 2!

pinoys love kodakan.

talaga namang hit ang photo booth kahit saan.

uso na. enjoy pa.

feeling red-carpet-themed souvenir hane!?



this one’s by pose n’ print at shieg and chelle’s at fernbrook alabang, 29 dec 08.

it’s just my second time to pose in front of such an amazing machine.=)

pose n’ print had a border of shieg and chelle on the left portion of the final printed photo.

to add to having a take-home photo as a souvenir, it’s great that one can see all the guests’ photos in a gallery, over and over again — free for downloading too!!!

the first time i experienced a photo booth was with bai capture at raymond and SG’s at bellevue, 23 dec 08.

but can’t seem to find their file in the gallery…hmm…

theirs had no border and that makes the pictures a bit bigger…

still, kodakan na walang patid, i believe, gives much joy to the guests!

ismayl lang!

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