“Dulce is an officemate and friend and Ryan is Joven’s college barkada. Dulce’s pro already. She used to anchor a radio program. She also hosted a number of events and w@wie weddings. Ryan also has his share of hosting and singing. =)

Dulce and Ryan were great! The reception program ran smoothly thanks to them. Dulce helped a lot in preparing the program since she’s very experienced in hosting already. I liked the way they complimented each other. They were very receptive in the cueing of the coordinators. There was a part when they had to stall because the program was about to end and the onsite is about to be ready pa. Dulce thought of asking questions to the ones who got the bouquet and garter to lengthen the program a bit. Ayos! They even sang the kick off song for the dancing part of the program! Galing! They really made the reception program a blast! =)”

– Dionne and Joven